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Future Plans and Partnerships

The Rockville Church is the future home of the Chariho Youth Task Force, a dynamic organization led by young people . Their mission is to educate, empower, and engage young people in order to create a sense of community, to promote wellness, and to sustain opportunity for their voices to be heard. 

They have designed and launched public health campaigns highlighting mental health, addiction, and body positivity, focusing on the specific needs of young people.

In October, 2017, they held an escape room challenge event at the church to raise awareness for teen smoking, and already have big plans for future church events.

Check out their website for more information on the great work that they do!

Young people being awesome.

I am also planning to start my own organization with the current working name of Rockville Root Cause. It will be a new nonprofit that combines agriculture, hunger relief, and community enrichment by offering space for community gardens, resources to grow fresh produce, a commercial kitchen to prepare goods, and a marketplace to sell them.

We are currently fundraising and hoping to break ground on renovations later in 2018, but gardens will go in as soon as the snow melts for good.

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